The Greening Transport project commenced in March 2015 essentially when PhD student P├íraic Carroll was selected and began working on the project. The second PhD student will join the project in September. The PhD students who will be working in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and supervised by Prof. Brian Caulfield and Prof. Bidisha Ghosh, are funded by the Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland (EPA) to carry out research according to the project’s objectives detailed in the work packages. Two PhD theses will be published based on the project as well as the publication of academic papers in high impact international journals.

A communication plan was drafted in the initial stage of the project as part of Work Package 1. This plan set out the main project outputs and outlined how communication is essential to generating interest in the project as well as briefing the EPA and other relevant stakeholders on the project’s progress. As part of this plan, this website as well as social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) have been created. These can be accessed by clicking on the icons on the website (top right). Please follow these accounts for more information regarding project news and events.