In order to promote active travel, safe infrastructure must first be provided to support commuters and shoppers in choosing alternative transport modes. With the recent success of cycle to work schemes and the increase in e-bike sales cyclists need safe and secure bicycle infrastructure to ensure these sales translate into increased cycling across the County, this will require an improve experience of cycling. A current lack of facilities may be preventing citizens from cycling or using public transport. Recent projects in Dublin have looked to deal with this issue in the region, the results of which highlighted issues of security and that user confidence in services are critical.

With these considerations of cycle infrastructure and the diversification of cycling in mind, this project sets out a programme of research to analyse existing challenges in DLR and to suggest and test potential solutions using a trial approach. There are two main components:

  1. Cycle Parking Project

First, the project team will plan and evaluate a suite of cycle parking interventions. The planning stage will be informed by a review of peer-reviewed and transport planning literature along with original survey and GIS data research based in DLR. Following the selection and implementation of cycle parking solutions, an ongoing evaluation will take place that will inform future roll-outs of cycling parking.

  1. eCargo Bike Project

Second, the project team will carry out a detailed mixed-methods evaluation of an eCargo Bike scheme by Bleeper, in which eCargo Bikes are rented to local DLR businesses as a delivery and freight solution. This evaluation will involve participation in focus groups and the completion of a trial period travel diary to explore and understand how eCargo Bikes are used and how they can contribute to local freight and deliveries for businesses. This evaluation can inform future eCargo Bike schemes that aim to transition freight and delivery practices away from private vehicles and toward sustainable modes.

This is a co-funded project between DLR and Enable who are both partners on the Smart Sandyford research programme.

Expected Project Benefits

  • Providing a facility in the area for all cyclists to use
  • Promoting modal shift to cycling instead of driving across the County
  • Helping to reduce congestion and improving air quality in the surrounding area
  • Informing engineering and roads decision makers on the impact of these and similar projects
  • Increasing accessibility to towns and villages across DLR
  • Reduced carbon footprint of transport in the project locations
  • Quantifying the health and environmental economic benefits of cycling
  • Increasing the reach of transit & enhancing mobility
  • Improving the image of cycling and the area
  • Providing complementary services to public transport
  • Improving the health of the residents/employees

Project Team:

  • Director Robert Burns, Infrastructure and Climate, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLR)
  • Prof. Brian Caulfield, Enable  & TCD
  • Prof. Siohban Clarke, Enable & TCD 
  • Ronan Herron, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council (DLR)
  • Dr. Conor Dowling, Smart Sandyford
  • Dr. Robert Egan, Enable Postdoctoral Researcher